This is my first blog post EVER on I’m really excited about this new adventure in EXPRESSION and honestly a little uncomfortable. Let’s keep it real, that’s why I haven’t done this sooner. Anyone who really knows me knows that I have tons of ideas and thoughts on just about everything. But, you know what plays in my head? Honestly, before I put out ideas, before I act on things, I’m often running through the potential arguments against it. I will try to work through everything to the point where I feel I’ve reconciled all the potential disagreements, but sometimes – well many times in life it’s just not possible.

The second reason I’m doing this now is in my performance coaching business, I’m always pushing my clients to go beyond comfort, but here I am with a glaring one staring me in the face. This is about expression for me and it’s also about ACCOUNTABILITY. Yep, I have an accountability partner and I told him I would do it, so I’m on the hook.

First of all, thank you for visiting and taking time to read my post(s). There will be many many more to come and I hope you find value in them. I would really appreciate your comments and thoughts.


One of the greatest gifts of 2016 has been gardening. I was in Philly quite a bit this year spending some real quality time with my grandma as she transitioned and I took a little cutting from one of her plants. This plant.

Grandma Plant

For a couple of months it didn’t grow like a lot of my garden. And yet slowly I am finding my way in my garden as I am in my life. These words came to me a couple of weeks ago on the morning of my 37th birthday.

Soft Heart, Hard World

People often don’t live up to their highest abilities or to their highest selves. They sometimes do things that are mean to other people. People are too quick to look on others and may in fact look at you as lowly, unworthy and unvalued. Give them love anyways. That’s the thing to remember these days and always – start with love. How do you start with love? By protecting your own heart.

Guard your heart with your life, because pessimism, despair and evil are always knocking at the door. Once your heart’s hardened it’s really hard to get it back. All of us know people, once vibrant, who have succumbed to the trials of life. When you interact with them there’s no spark, no energy, they are miserable.

I pray that you all maintain your grace, your peace and your love for yourself and all other human beings in days like these. You all are here tonight because each of you has impacted my life in a unique way and I love you for it. In the words of St. Francis – Where there is hatred, bring love. Where there is injury, pardon. In the words of Neeki, Fight the good fight that God has called you to, but remember along the way to mind your heart – keep your heart soft. If you do so, you will continually be transformed, renewed and in its own time so will the rest of the world.

Making Tough Decisions

I shared these words with a few friends on my birthday and the next day I received an urgent call from one saying – yea, I get the whole love thing, but what am I supposed to do when someone is literally making my life hell. I’ll share what I shared with her in the next post.