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Day 75 10/13/17​ - Frisco, TX

I am responsible. I am responsible. I am responsible.

I find myself writing those words over and over like they’d have us do in elementary school when we acted up.

I am responsible are three of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. They are the greatest activation words that we have. I am responsible is clarifying, empowering and at times difficult. I am responsible doesn’t allow for leeway. I am responsible doesn’t allow for flexibility. As someone who loves freedom, these words rub me. Maybe an even truer statement is that, if I’m honest, often I don’t want to be responsible and I’d rather someone else step up and do.

One of the exercises that Brian Tracy, efficiency guru, suggests doing is to ‘put the power of suggestion to work in your favor by comparing yourself to the very best in your industry. Look around at the men and women you admire the very most and ask yourself what it is that they are doing or saying that is different from what you are doing or saying?’

Of the folks that I look to and greatly respect, top performers like Russell Simmons, Magic Johnson, Jeff Bezos, Dorothy Bey, I can surely say that they all embody the statement - I am responsible. They all take complete responsibility for their lives. The buck stops with them. You very rarely if ever hear them blame conditions or circumstances. They simply get to work on the things that are in their control and absolutely commit to doing the best they can with their time and energy to the fulfillment of their goals.

When you take on these words as your mantra, you will change. I am responsible is venom to your bullshit. It's the antitheses to your excuses. It is also the real power that you are seeking that can not be obtained outside of yourself. Instead of being concerned first with fairness, it starts with - what can I do? Instead of looking at someone else to blame, it says how can I change. Instead of waiting on ‘them’ it says take action first and if they come along so be it. I am responsible is your north star, it’s your guiding light. It's the mindset of the people who really want to see their lives move forward.

Growing up I had an amazing ‘I Am Responsible’ Mentor - My Mother. 1 of 9 to go to college, raising three kids while moving up the corporate ladder to the senior executive level of a major national bank is not achieved by thinking blame first. That’s only achieved by and through a full commitment to I Am Responsible. The great thing though is that each of us, regardless of our lot in life, has equal access to the power of I Am Responsible. If yesterday didn’t work out, well tomorrow brings another opportunity. We can from whatever place we are in life, with whatever we are struggling with or whatever goals we want to achieve decide here and now I am responsible. Start small, start simply. It doesn’t even matter where or what you start with. Just say I am responsible and get to it!

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